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Rigging & Machine Moving

Reach out to Sullivan Industrial Services to make your rigging and machine-moving project all the more easier! You can rely on us to maneuver, lift, and relocate your equipment. From national to global projects, we have the expertise to rig and relocate all sorts of machinery. There are many circumstances and situations in which rigging is necessary, some of which include:

  • Assembling and installing new equipment
  • Plant Relocation / Reorganization
  • Dismantling and removing decommissioned machinery
  • Crane Rigging

Dismantling and Removing Decommissioned Machinery

In most cases, dismantling machinery requires a professional approach because of its technological complexity, dimensions, and size. Dismantling work needs to be performed by specialists, such as professional riggers, who can strictly adhere to safety guidelines. Since machinery, especially industrial machinery, has substantial weight and sensitive components, rigging is required. With modern rigging equipment facilitating the process of lifting and moving large-sized loads, the overall operation will be safer and more efficient. After dismantling is carried out, the removed equipment components are further sorted and relocated to a storage location.


Assembling and Installing New Equipment

Just like dismantling equipment requires a rigging approach, so does assembling equipment. The assembly of machinery usually involves parts of a substantial weight. Items are often oversized and require special handling procedures. A rigging company, such as Sullivan Industrial Services, will use the proper heavy-duty tools and equipment to not only transport machinery but to also install it correctly. Riggers are trained to determine the proper rigging technique for each piece of equipment and account for possible risks.


Crane Rigging

Cranes are instrumental in tackling large-scale construction projects, as they are capable of lifting extremely heavy objects and moving them from one place to another. Cranes are also used to pick up equipment such as HVAC systems and place them onto roofs. Some projects cannot even be done without the use of a crane. For instance, cranes are capable of accessing areas that are inaccessible with trucks and forklifts. Crane rigging refers to the process you’ll need to go through to prepare your crane equipment for a lift and then execute your lift according to plan. One of the most important steps of this process is using the right rigging equipment to connect your load to your crane. If done incorrectly, the results could be catastrophic.


Plant Relocation / Reorganization

The relocation and/or reorganization of an entire plant is an enormous project, but it can be made much easier by utilizing rigging services. Rigging is absolutely necessary for the lifting and transportation of all the machinery and equipment in a plant. Rigging can assist in a project as simple as transporting machines to a different part of the same factory or as complex as hauling them across the country. For large-scale industrial projects, rigging may be required to transport highly sensitive equipment. A rigging team can ensure these delicate pieces are safely transported, saving businesses time and money. And having a rigging and hauling team all in a one stop shop ensures that the equipment is handled properly from origin all the way to destination.


The Rigging & Machine Moving Process

If you would like to reach out to Sullivan Industrial Services for our rigging assistance, there are a few ways you can do so. You can simply give us a call at 203-859-4238 or send an email to contact@sullivanindustrialservices.com. You can also fill out a form on our website including your name, email address, company name, phone number, a message explaining what you need, and the weight/dimensions of the item(s) that need rigging. After we’ve received your message, we can report back to you with a quote.


Rigging & Machine Moving

Rigging & Machine Moving Case Studies

Precision Brewery Equipment Installation

Fairfield, CT

Expert Rigging and Machinery Moving in Manchester, CT by Sullivan Industrial Services in Manchester, CT for Elicit Brewing

Pieces Moved

15 Brew Tanks

Job Time

3 Days

# of Team Members


Equipment Used

3 Forklifts,
1 Tractor Trailer,
1 Industrial Rollback Carrier

mel @elicit brewery-min

About the Job

In Manchester, Connecticut, Sullivan Industrial Services recently demonstrated our exceptional expertise in a project for Elicit Brewing. This case study highlights our proficiency in the installation and handling of brewery equipment, emphasizing their role as a premier service provider in Manchester and the broader Northeast region.

  • Focused Unloading and Installation in Manchester, CT: Skillfully managed the unloading and installation of vital brewery equipment at Elicit Brewing’s Manchester location.
  • Boiler Section Rigging and Installation in CT: Expertly handled the rigging and installation of boiler sections, adhering to the highest safety standards in Manchester, CT.
  • Efficient Logistics and Delivery in Connecticut: Coordinated the reception and transportation of 8 tanks, ensuring safe and timely delivery within Connecticut.
  • Storage Solutions in the Northeast: Provided 3 months of secure storage for boiler sections, further showcasing their comprehensive service offerings in Manchester and the Northeast.

Key Tasks Performed

Receive/unload equipment:


– 2 Riggers x 5 hours


– 1 6,000lbs forklift to unload Brewery tanks

– 1 15,000 lbs forklift to unload boiler tank

Day 1

Delivery of Brewery equipment


– 1 Foreman and 3 Riggers x 12 hours


– 1 F-650 – Lightweight Industrial Carrier

– 1 Tractor with Landoll Trailer

– 1 6,000lbs forklift

– 1 10,000 lbs forklift.

– 1 Gangbox

Day 2 Delivery:

Finish delivering rest of brewery equipment to Elicit Brewery.


– 1 Foreman and 2 Riggers x 12 hours


1 F-650 – Lightweight Industrial Carrier

– 1 Tractor with Landoll Trailer

– 1 6,000lbs forklift

– 1 10,000 lbs forklift.

– 1 Gangbox

Day 3:

Final Placement of all brewery tanks


– 1 Foreman and 1 Rigger x 8 hours


– 1 Tractor with Landoll Trailer.

– 1 10,000 lbs Forklift.

Final Thoughts

Sullivan Industrial Services’ work for Elicit Brewing in Manchester, CT, is a testament to our ability to handle complex brewery equipment installations with precision and efficiency. Our commitment to reducing downtime and optimizing setup for brewery operations highlights their expertise in industrial services, particularly in Manchester and the wider Northeast region​​.




Rigging, Crating, and Heavy Hauling Across CT & the North East

Sullivan Industrial Services is warehoused in Milford, CT with a second location in Bloomfield, CT, and serves small and large businesses throughout Connecticut and the North East including but not limited to:

Rigging & Machine Moving FAQ’s

What is machine moving and rigging?

Rigging is the process of lifting, relocating, or moving equipment with specialized tools. Rigging is how machines are safely and properly moved from one place to another.  This process typically employs tools such as porta powers, jacks, skates, shackles, slings, turnbuckles, wire rope, chains, and chain hoists. With the aid of forklifts, tractor trailers, and cranes, we do the heavy lifting so you don’t have to.

Do you have the necessary certifications and licenses for machine moving and rigging?

Yes, we do have all the necessary certifications and licenses for all the services we provide, including machine moving and rigging. You can trust that the job will be completed in accordance with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards at all times. All our riggers are at least OSHA 10, and all have forklift licenses as well as specialties in areas such as elevated work, confined space, and fall protection. Even our office personnel carry these certifications, ensuring that no one is put in a dangerous position.

Can you handle the relocation of large-scale industrial equipment?

Yes, we can absolutely handle the relocation of large-scale industrial equipment. We have the expertise and equipment necessary to handle projects on both national and global scale. We offer full-service solutions from small-machine shops requiring forklifts to large crane projects. For example, we recently moved delicate lab equipment weighing only about 40 lbs. and in that same week, we relocated a piece that weighed 230,000 lbs.

How long does a typical machine moving and rigging project take?

The answer to this question really depends on the scope of your project. Are we talking about the simple transportation of one piece of equipment or are we talking about the relocation of an entire plant? So, the timeline of a rigging project varies as it’s dependent on what the project is. But rest assured our end-to-end project management team can offer thorough planning and execution strategies that can have your project run smoothly and efficiently.

How experienced is your team in handling delicate or precision machinery?

Our team is more than experienced in handling delicate or precision machinery. The professionals here are trained to handle all kinds of machinery including those that are delicate. With some of the top riggers in the northeast on our team – Kevin Sullivan, Harry Dunn, Robb Randolph, and Jeff Cataldo – we are bringing to you almost a 100 years of combined industry experience. In this time, we have honed and perfected our operations and services to better serve you and your companies’ individual needs.