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Reach out to Sullivan Industrial Services for custom crating solutions for all of your storage and shipping needs. Our team specializes in creating custom domestic and global solutions to meet your packaging, skidding, and crating needs. Whether you are shipping parts, putting a unit in storage, or just need a few empty crates, we are your resource.

There are many situations where crating is a necessity and common crating services include:

  • Commercial Crating
  • Automotive Crating
  • Aerospace Crating
  • Custom Crating
  • Vacuum wrapping and shrink wrapping packages

Commercial Crating

With commercial crating, you can efficiently relocate your facility, safely ship heavy equipment, and make timely deliveries of fragile technology or sensitive items. Industrial equipment can be difficult and costly to ship, but with crating, air, land, and sea transportation preparation can be reduced to almost a cinch. The proper preparation can be made to protect your components.

UCONN Shaker Crates Versa

Aerospace Crating

Aerospace technologies need uncompromising protection. With large and commonly fragile parts that need to be transported any and everywhere across the globe, the Aerospace industry often faces significant hurdles related to shipping and packaging. However, with crating, these challenges can be easily overcome. Crating offers industry-leading aerospace packaging solutions that meet your specific needs and will keep your private or military-grade components safe.

Export Crating

Custom Crating

Some items and equipment require specialized packaging. In these cases, crates are designed and built according to a customer’s exact specifications. A crate can be made to fit the dimensions of an item while remaining compliant with shipping regulations and pricing considerations.


Vacuum Wrapping and Shrink Wrapping Packages

In a lot of instances, equipment is vacuum wrapped or shrink wrapped in addition to crating. Vacuum wrapping and shrink wrapping both use clear and flexible materials that conform to the shape of the item being packaged. They both use heat sealing to enclose the product and can be used to package numerous products. Overall, they are an added layer of protection against harmful elements.

A machine that was wrapped with heat shrink wrapping

Automotive Crating

Automotive manufacturers and service providers need a reliable way to deliver million-part orders, heavy equipment axles, and dozens of rebuilt engines. Crating aids in keeping each item secure and reduces the costs and risks of all types of transportation.

Medtronic Dominican Republic Crating Edit 1

The Crating Process at SIS

If you would like to reach out to Sullivan Industrial Services for our crating assistance, there are a few ways you can do so. You can simply give us a call at 203-859-4238 or send an email to You can also fill out a form on our website including your name, email address, company name, phone number, a message explaining what you need, and the weight/dimensions of the item(s) that needs a crate. After we’ve received your message, we can report back to you with a quote. From there, we can engage in open communication so that we can figure out how best suit your needs and construct an efficient plan to complete your project.


Crating Gallery

Rigging, Crating, and Heavy Hauling Across CT & the North East

Sullivan Industrial Services is warehoused in Milford, CT with a second location in Bloomfield, CT, and serves small and large businesses throughout Connecticut and the North East including but not limited to:

Crating FAQ’s

What is custom crating and how does it differ from standard crating?

Custom crating is a way of packaging that’s done to meet exact specifications. With custom crating, we can match the dimension specifications required to safely pack and ship your equipment. So, custom crating differs from standard crating because custom crates ensure that the crate itself meets the specific needs of any object being shipped.

Can you handle the crating of large-scale industrial equipment?

Our team is fully trained and equipped to handle the crating of any large-scale industrial equipment. Our team is capable of constructing crates that can withstand and support large-scale equipment. We also have the necessary equipment, such as forklifts and cranes, to efficiently handle substantial loads. 

Do you offer international crating services compliant with ISPM-15?

Yes, we do offer international crating services compliant with ISPM-15. Our team specializes in creating custom crates even on the global spectrum. We can ensure that a ISPM-15 label is applied to your shipment.

How do you crate sensitive equipment like medical devices or electronics?

To protect sensitive equipment such as medical devices and electronics, we use custom crating. Additionally, our team can provide heat shrinking wrapping as added protection. In this way, sensitive objects will be safeguarded from harmful elements and preserved as is. Our crates can, also, be cushioned and insulated with foam padding.

Do you offer after-service support in case there are issues or concerns post-crating?

We do offer after-service support. Throughout the project, we will engage in open communication with you to ensure not only your satisfaction but the proper handling of your equipment. Our team works diligently and adheres to strict procedure to make sure that there aren’t any issues post-crating.