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Brewery Moving and Tank Installation.

The Sullivan Industrial Services Team offers Connecticut and other east coast Breweries the best in Brewery Moving & Tank Installation. Recently providing services to New England Brewing, Counterweight Brewing, and Dockside Brewery, Sullivan Industrial Services brings hard to find knowledge and solutions to your brewery relocation needs.


Just purchased new brewing equipment? Equipped to transport even the largest brewing equipment, Sullivan Industrial Services offers the logistics and trucking services to get your new brewing equipment from point A to Point B. 


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Rigging & Machine Moving Case Studies

Precision Brewery Equipment Installation

Fairfield, CT

Expert Rigging and Machinery Moving in Manchester, CT by Sullivan Industrial Services in Manchester, CT for Elicit Brewing

Pieces Moved

15 Brew Tanks

Job Time

3 Days

# of Team Members


Equipment Used

3 Forklifts,
1 Tractor Trailer,
1 Industrial Rollback Carrier

mel @elicit brewery-min

About the Job

In Manchester, Connecticut, Sullivan Industrial Services recently demonstrated our exceptional expertise in a project for Elicit Brewing. This case study highlights our proficiency in the installation and handling of brewery equipment, emphasizing their role as a premier service provider in Manchester and the broader Northeast region.

  • Focused Unloading and Installation in Manchester, CT: Skillfully managed the unloading and installation of vital brewery equipment at Elicit Brewing’s Manchester location.
  • Boiler Section Rigging and Installation in CT: Expertly handled the rigging and installation of boiler sections, adhering to the highest safety standards in Manchester, CT.
  • Efficient Logistics and Delivery in Connecticut: Coordinated the reception and transportation of 8 tanks, ensuring safe and timely delivery within Connecticut.
  • Storage Solutions in the Northeast: Provided 3 months of secure storage for boiler sections, further showcasing their comprehensive service offerings in Manchester and the Northeast.

Key Tasks Performed

Receive/unload equipment:


– 2 Riggers x 5 hours


– 1 6,000lbs forklift to unload Brewery tanks

– 1 15,000 lbs forklift to unload boiler tank

Day 1

Delivery of Brewery equipment


– 1 Foreman and 3 Riggers x 12 hours


– 1 F-650 – Lightweight Industrial Carrier

– 1 Tractor with Landoll Trailer

– 1 6,000lbs forklift

– 1 10,000 lbs forklift.

– 1 Gangbox

Day 2 Delivery:

Finish delivering rest of brewery equipment to Elicit Brewery.


– 1 Foreman and 2 Riggers x 12 hours


1 F-650 – Lightweight Industrial Carrier

– 1 Tractor with Landoll Trailer

– 1 6,000lbs forklift

– 1 10,000 lbs forklift.

– 1 Gangbox

Day 3:

Final Placement of all brewery tanks


– 1 Foreman and 1 Rigger x 8 hours


– 1 Tractor with Landoll Trailer.

– 1 10,000 lbs Forklift.

Final Thoughts

Sullivan Industrial Services’ work for Elicit Brewing in Manchester, CT, is a testament to our ability to handle complex brewery equipment installations with precision and efficiency. Our commitment to reducing downtime and optimizing setup for brewery operations highlights their expertise in industrial services, particularly in Manchester and the wider Northeast region​​.




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Sullivan Industrial Services is warehoused in Milford, CT with a second location in Bloomfield, CT, and serves small and large businesses throughout Connecticut and the North East including but not limited to: