Crating by Machine Type: An Overview

From delicate medical equipment to heavy-duty manufacturing machinery, every machine demands unique protection during transport and storage. This blog explores the art of custom crating by machine type. We’ll delve into how crates are designed to address factors like size, weight distribution, and vulnerability, for different industries, ensuring your machinery arrives safe and sound.

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The Need for Specialized Crating

While a cardboard box might seem sufficient for everyday items, industrial machinery demands a more sophisticated approach. Specialized crating is crucial for ensuring the safe transport and storage of valuable equipment.


Crating for Industrial Machinery

Industrial machinery is the backbone of countless industries. To ensure these vital pieces of equipment arrive safely and function flawlessly at their destination, specialized crating is essential. This section delves into the specific needs for crating three common types of industrial machinery:



CNC Machines

CNC machines, known for their precise movements and delicate components, require crating solutions that offer:

  • Rigid Support
  • Strategic Shock Absorption
  • Weather Protection

Injection Molding Machines

Their complex shapes and uneven weight require custom-designed crates with reinforced construction and accessibility features for crucial components.

Metalworking Machines

Vibration is a concern, so crates incorporate vibration-dampening materials and secure tie-down points. Leak-proof designs or absorbent materials address potential spills of oil or coolant.

Crating for Medical Equipment

We use custom crating to protect sensitive equipment such as medical devices and electronics. Additionally, our team can provide heat-shrinking wrapping for added protection. In this way, sensitive objects will be safeguarded from harmful elements and preserved as is. Our crates can also be cushioned and insulated with foam padding.

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Imaging Machines

The intricate workings of X-ray machines, MRI scanners, and other vital imaging equipment necessitate the utmost protection during transport. Sullivan Industrial Services will ensure their safe arrival.

Laboratory Equipment

The delicate nature of laboratory equipment demands high protection during transport. Our crating solutions for laboratory equipment address these needs.

Crating for Electronic and Semiconductor Devices

The world of electronics and semiconductors thrives on delicate components and intricate circuitry. When transporting this vital equipment, even minor damage can have disastrous consequences. Sullivan Industrial Services offers custom crating solutions to safeguard these sensitive devices during transport and storage.

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Server and Networking Equipment

Safeguarding sensitive servers and networking equipment during transport is crucial. Our custom crates address this by preventing static build-up with conductive materials, maintaining stable temperatures, and minimizing vibrations with shock-absorbing features.

Semiconductor Fabrication Equipment

Semiconductor fabrication equipment is the heart of modern technology, but its delicate nature demands extreme care during transport. Sullivan Industrial Services offers custom crating solutions beyond essential protection to ensure these high-tech machines arrive pristine.

Crating for Agricultural Machinery

Agricultural machinery, like specialized harvesting equipment, is vital for a productive harvest. But how do you ensure these powerful machines arrive at their destination safe and sound? Sullivan Industrial Services offers custom crating solutions designed specifically for the unique needs of agricultural equipment.

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Harvesting Equipment

Sullivan Industrial Services takes the worry out of transporting harvesting equipment. With padded compartments, our custom crates safeguard delicate parts like combined headers. Need weather protection? We’ve got you covered.

Crating for Construction Equipment

Sullivan Industrial Services offers custom crating solutions specifically designed for the unique challenges of construction equipment transport.

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Excavators are the muscles on any excavation site, but how do you move them without breakdowns? Sullivan Industrial Services offers custom crates designed for these heavy hitters. Their crates manage weight distribution, secure the excavator’s powerful arm, and even minimize leaks during transport, ensuring a smooth journey to the dig site.

Backhoe Loaders

Backhoe loaders wear many hats on a construction site. Sullivan’s custom crates reflect that versatility. Our designs can accommodate various attachments and secure the swinging superstructure for a safe journey. Plus, strategic padding safeguards the delicate loader arm, ensuring it arrives ready to dig in.


Moving massive cranes requires special care. Sullivan’s covered you with modular crate systems designed for each crane section. They secure counterweights and offer weatherproofing for long journeys, ensuring your towering titan arrives on-site prepped for action.

Crating for Aerospace Components

Aerospace technologies need uncompromising protection. Large and commonly fragile parts need to be transported anywhere across the globe, so the Aerospace industry often faces significant hurdles related to shipping and packaging. However, with crating, these challenges can be easily overcome. Crating offers industry-leading aerospace packaging solutions that meet your specific needs and will keep your private or military-grade components safe.

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Jet Engines

Jet engines are powerful but delicate. Sullivan’s custom crates for jet engines boast a robust build to handle the weight and movement. Unique materials and supports minimize vibrations, and optional climate control ensures a stable temperature throughout the journey. With Sullivan, your jet engines will have a smooth, protected flight—even while they’re on the ground.


Avionics, the brains of the plane, need top-notch protection during transport. Sullivan’s custom crates address this with conductive materials to prevent static damage, temperature control for sensitive components, and shock absorption to ensure a smooth ride for your vital avionics.

Special Considerations for Crating

While custom crating offers superior protection, there are two key factors Sullivan Industrial Services considers to create the ideal solution for your equipment:

Weight and Size Considerations

Not all crates are one-size-fits-all. Sullivan Industrial Services considers your equipment’s weight and size to ensure a perfect fit. They use robust materials for heavy machinery and design modular systems for oversized equipment, maximizing protection and space efficiency.

Fragility and Value

Not all equipment needs the same level of pampering. Sullivan Industrial Services tailors protection to the fragility and value of your items. Delicate components get extra padding and shock absorption, while climate-controlled crates ensure sensitive equipment arrives happy.

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Crating for Transportation and Storage

Crating is your equipment’s guardian angel during transportation and storage. Sullivan Industrial Services crating expertise offers solutions for any industry, ensuring a perfect fit and superior protection. From delicate medical devices to powerful machinery, their crates safeguard your equipment with features like padding, shock absorption, and even climate control. By considering weight, size, fragility, and value, Sullivan creates the optimal crating solution for your specific needs, giving you peace of mind wherever your equipment needs to travel.

Domestic Shipping Requirements

Ensure a smooth domestic shipment with sturdy packaging, unambiguous labeling, and any necessary paperwork, depending on value and proper postage. Check the USPS, UPS, or FedEx websites for their specific requirements.

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Sullivan Industrial Services understands the importance of protecting your valuable equipment during transport and storage. Our custom-designed crates are more than just boxes; they’re engineered solutions that provide superior protection for any industry, from delicate medical devices to massive construction equipment. Contact us today to learn more about our custom crating services.

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