Sullivan Industrial Services goes beyond mere heavy haul transportation; we provide integrated services that ensure safe and timely freight transport locally, regionally, or globally. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the crucial role of integrated services in modern machinery businesses and explore the benefits we offer. From handling heavy hauling to providing warehousing solutions and crating, SIS is your go-to partner for rigging and relocation, ensuring your projects reach new heights of success.

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Heavy Hauling: The Heart of the Industrial Movement

Sullivan Industrial Services takes pride in our diverse fleet of specialized vehicles, meticulously customized to address distinct transportation requirements. Whether it’s heavy hauling, oversized loads, or freight forwarding, our vehicles are equipped to guarantee the secure and efficient transfer of your cargo. Our vehicles reflect their unwavering commitment to ensuring the success of your project, underlining the company’s dedication to your unique needs.

Sullivan’s Fleet of Specialized Vehicles

These are used to lift or lower heavy loads and move them horizontally. All cranes are equipped with pulleys and cables. They are often used in construction sites, warehouses, and other settings.whether crating is the best option for you. If you are unsure about this, be sure to seek advice from the professionals

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Deciphering LTL vs. Full Loads

Choosing the Optimal Service

When it comes to shipping, businesses face a critical decision – Less Than Truckload (LTL) or Full Load transport. Selecting the right service is pivotal for balancing cost-efficiency with secure transportation.

Pros of Less Than Truckload (LTL)

LTL shipping is a cost-effective solution for smaller cargo. It minimizes expenses by consolidating multiple shipments into a single truck, efficiently utilizing available space and reducing costs.

Importance of Full Load Transport

For substantial, heavy loads, full-load transport is indispensable. It ensures the safe and timely delivery of larger cargo, which might be impractical or less cost-effective to split into smaller shipments. Businesses with significant loads find reliability and dedicated capacity in full-load transport.

The Essential Role of Pilot Cars

Pilot cars are indispensable for enhancing transport safety. They lead oversized loads, alerting and safeguarding other drivers, ensuring the secure and efficient movement of potentially hazardous cargo.

About Our Trucks

Our truck lineup is tailored to transport machinery of various weights safely and effectively:

Ford F650 Tilt Body: 

Designed for light hauls, this truck moves equipment up to 17,000 lbs. It’s mainly used for transporting smaller machinery to and from job sites.

2000 Peterbilt 378 – Tractor: 

A reliable vehicle for medium to heavy loads. It’s commonly used to transport construction equipment and industrial machinery.

2015 Peterbilt 389 – Tractor: 

This tractor is for our heaviest loads, used for hauling large industrial machines and our heaviest forklift to and from job sites.

2013 Kenworth T800 Tilt Body: 

With its tilt body feature, it is well-suited for moving heavy equipment, offering an easy load and unload process.

2005 Peterbilt 379: 

A classic truck for oversized loads, often used for transporting large structures or heavy industrial components.

About Our Trailers

Our trailers are designed to handle various types of machinery, ensuring secure transport:

1998 Trailking Dovetail: 

Great for construction machinery, and in our case, for getting our equipment to and from job sites.

2022 Landoll Sliding Axle: 

These sliding axle trailers are ideal for heavy machinery that needs a lower angle for loading, such as industrial presses or CNC machines. These also have jacks so that the trailer can be raised to any dock height.

2015 Trailking Dovetail: 

It serves a similar purpose to TL 1, offering reliable transportation for construction equipment like backhoes and loaders.

2015 Fontaine Step Deck Tarp Trailer: 

This covered trailer is perfect for cargo that requires protection from the elements, such as manufacturing equipment or sensitive machinery.

Rigging: Precision in Movement

The Basics of Rigging

Rigging is the art of precisely assembling, disassembling and transporting heavy machinery and equipment. It’s indispensable in various scenarios, from setting up new equipment to safely dismantling and removing decommissioned machinery. Rigging plays a pivotal role in ensuring the secure and efficient handling of sensitive and heavy equipment, making it an integral part of machinery handling and relocation.


The Relationship Between Rigging and Hauling

  • Sullivan Industrial Services: A Beacon of Precision
    • Sullivan Industrial Services, renowned for its mastery in machinery handling, exemplifies the artful integration of rigging and hauling services.
  • Rigging Proficiency
    • Rigging services are the foundation, ensuring the secure disassembly of heavy equipment.
  • Versatile Fleet of Specialized Vehicles
    • Sullivan’s diverse fleet guarantees the efficient and safe transportation of equipment, tailored to unique needs.
  • A Comprehensive Approach
    • Sullivan’s holistic method simplifies the intricate machinery relocation process, tending to equipment from the moment of disassembly to its secure, punctual delivery.

Safety First: Protocols and Equipment

Sullivan Industrial Services stands firm on its safety-first principle. The company’s dedication to safety is evident in its stringent safety protocols and the advanced equipment they employ. These measures are not only about safeguarding personnel but also ensuring the secure handling of heavy equipment in every project we undertake.

Crating: Shielding Your Investments

Crating in the Spotlight

The significance of crating in equipment transport cannot be overstated. Sullivan Industrial Services offers tailored crating solutions, ensuring the secure transit of your cargo, whether you’re shipping parts, utilizing vacuum-wrapping packages, or requiring custom options.

  • Ensuring Equipment’s Safety: Crating plays a crucial role in preserving the integrity of equipment during transit, shielding it from potential damage.
  • Bespoke Solutions: Sullivan Industrial Services is your go-to for personalized crating solutions, catering to both domestic and global requirements. Whether you’re shipping parts, storing units, or in need of robust crates, they’ve got you covered.
  • Versatile Utility: Crating proves essential across a spectrum of contexts, from commercial and automotive to aerospace and custom applications, showcasing its adaptability in equipment protection.
  • Enhanced Security: Complementing crating services with vacuum and shrink-wrapping packages provides an additional layer of safeguarding, elevating the reliability of the transportation process.
  • Sullivan’s Specialization: Sullivan Industrial Services brings forth our wealth of expertise, serving as your dedicated source for all crating, packaging, and skidding necessities, ensuring your equipment’s secure arrival at its destination.

Diversity in Crating Solutions

Diversity in crating solutions is evident in the wide array of crate types, each designed for specific purposes. From robust wooden crates ideal for heavy machinery to delicate packaging crafted for fragile components, crating versatility ensures secure and safe transportation, accommodating the unique requirements of various cargoes.

Crating and Hauling: A Perfect Pair

When it comes to equipment transportation, the marriage of crating and hauling is a match made in logistics heaven. Crating, with its custom solutions, acts as the initial guardian, safeguarding equipment from potential harm. Hauling takes the baton, ensuring the cargo’s secure and intact journey to its destination. Together, they form a dynamic duo, guaranteeing the protection of valuable equipment from the moment it’s crated until it reaches its final, safe destination.

Warehousing: Beyond Simple Storage

Unpacking Warehousing Essentials

Warehousing is a cornerstone in the complex world of machinery movement, and Sullivan Industrial Services stands at the forefront. With top-tier facilities, Sullivan provides comprehensive warehousing solutions for heavy, industrial, and commercial items, ensuring the secure storage of valuable industrial equipment. Located conveniently just off I-95, 12 miles from New Haven, CT, and 70 miles from New York City, their facilities eliminate logistical delays. Warehousing is a cornerstone in the complex world of machinery movement, and Sullivan Industrial Services stands at the forefront. With top-tier facilities, Sullivan provides comprehensive warehousing solutions for heavy, industrial, and commercial items, ensuring the secure storage of valuable industrial equipment. Located conveniently just off I-95, 12 miles from New Haven, CT, and 70 miles from New York City, their facilities eliminate logistical delays.

A warehousing facility

Warehousing Meets Hauling

Whether it’s a small machine shop or large industrial equipment, Sullivan’s warehousing capabilities accommodate all needs. This harmonious relationship between warehousing and hauling, supported by Sullivan’s turnkey solutions, guarantees a seamless journey for your machinery from storage to relocation.

The Sullivan Difference

Integrated Services: A Game Changer

What truly distinguishes Sullivan Industrial Services is their unwavering commitment to integrated solutions. It’s about more than just transportation; it’s about a comprehensive approach to meet all your machinery needs. Businesses should take note of the profound advantages of opting for such comprehensive services. Sullivan handles everything from rigging and heavy hauling to warehousing, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience. This holistic approach streamlines the complexities of machinery movement, making the entire process more efficient. With Sullivan, you gain a single, dependable partner for all your machinery requirements, simplifying logistics and ensuring your projects achieve new heights of success.

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Conclusion – Hire Sullivan Industrial for Your Heavy Haul

As we bring this guide to a close, it’s crucial to reiterate the tremendous value of integrated services, vividly embodied by Sullivan Industrial Services. From the intricacies of rigging to the meticulous task of heavy hauling and the secure haven of warehousing, Sullivan’s holistic approach simplifies the multifaceted world of machinery movement.

By joining forces with Sullivan, you unlock fresh opportunities and efficient solutions, propelling your projects to unprecedented success. Reach out today!

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